Rasmalai Cake Jars

Rasmalai Cake Jars with layers of delicate eggless cake, enhanced milk, and Rasmalai seasoned whipped cream.

Finished off with Rasmalai, these make a lovely happy treat and a great method to serve Rasmalai.

Combination dessert plans in a container are my thing. At whatever point I host a supper gathering at home, I generally wind up making Indian combination sweets and serve them in containers.

There are not many explanations behind it-one, they are such a huge amount of enjoyable to eat and serve than the conventional mithai.

For instance, these Motichoor Ladoo cheesecake containers will snatch a greater number of eyeballs than just Motichoor Ladoo on the table. Correct?

Second, it’s such a huge amount simpler to serve sweets in a container. What’s more, last however not least, these can be made ahead of time consequently saving time upon the arrival of the gathering.

Anyway, would you say you are folks sold on the thought now?

Indeed, this year I have these delightful Rasmalai Cake Jars to impart to you all. This pastry joins the conventional Rasmalai and sets it with an eggless cardamom seasoned vanilla cake and Rasmalai enhanced whipped cream.

Rasmalai is my #1 Indian sweet. At the point when I was pretty much nothing, it was the just mithai that I loved other than my Nani’s besan Ladoo and Motichoor Ladoo. It was additionally the primary Indian mithai that I dominated to make at home.

This time around for Diwali, I needed to share Rasmalai in an inventive manner and that is the way these containers were made.

These Rasmalai Cake Jars

✔makes a pleasant combination dessert for the merry season.

✔easy to make and can be made ahead of time.

✔perfect to serve at your Diwali party!

Step by step instructions to Make Rasmalai Cake Jars

So there are 3 fundamental segments of this formula!

1. Rasmalai: start by making Rasmalai (that is on the off chance that you will make it at home). I have a top to bottom post composed of the most proficient method to make delicate Rasmalai at home.

Numerous years back when I figured out how to make Rasmalai, I made it so often that I would joke that I could make this in my rest as well.

Along these lines, that is the thing that provoked me to compose that post. It has all tips and deceives expected to make the ideal Rasmalai.

A decent choice (and efficient) is to get it from the store.

2. Eggless wipe cake: when you have the Rasmalai all set, the following thing is to make an eggless cake or any essential vanilla cake that you need.

I flavor the fundamental vanilla cake with cardamom powder and prepare it in a 9 x 13-inch sheet skillet and afterward cut it into adjusts for the container.

You can make any cake formula that you like, simply flavor it with a little cardamom powder.

3. Whipped cream: the whipped cream is the third necessary piece of this formula. The cream is improved with the ras (the thickened milk) from the Rasmalai.

Furthermore, it’s likewise enhanced with cardamom powder and Rasmalai essence (if you have it).

When you have these 3 parts prepared, it’s tied in with layering the sweet and afterward appreciating it.

I embellished these containers for certain nuts, dried flower petals/buds, and palatable silver leaves to make them look bubbly.

Utilizing Shortcuts

On the off chance that you would prefer not to make everything without any preparation for this formula (and that thoroughly bodes well thinking about how bustling our lives are), here are not many things that you can never really short the entire cycle.

Purchase locally acquired Rasmalai: it’s effectively accessible and will save you so much time! In India obviously, you get such great Rasmalai at different sweet shops.

In the US, if you have a neighborhood Indian sweet shop, at that point you can discover it there else you can discover frozen Rasmalai at Indian stores and even at Costco. Thus, you can utilize that here.

Make a cake from a case: once more, if you would prefer not to prepare a cake without any preparation, purchase a vanilla cake box blend and flavor it with cardamom and heat as indicated by directions on the bundle.

You may likewise utilize cool whip or prepared to utilize whipped cream, simply flavor it with the thickened milk from the Rasmalai. I for one believe that you should make the new whipped cream at home, it tastes so much better. In any case, there’s consistently a choice on the off chance that you would prefer not to do it.

Plan ahead of time: so these containers can be made ahead. You can make them the night before your gathering and they will be fine upon the arrival of the gathering.

Since there’s new whipped cream, Rasmalai (milk-based pastry), I find that these are best for 2 days after you have collected them.

More than that, you can attempt however it’s ideal to devour inside 2 days.

What number of servings does the formula make? I have utilized 6-oz glasses here to make these Rasmalai cake containers and I had the option to get 8 containers.

On the off chance that you utilize more modest glasses, you will have the option to get more, and if you utilize greater glasses, the amount will be less.


1- To make the eggless cake, in an enormous bowl, whisk together generally useful flour, cornstarch, preparing powder, heating pop, 3/4 teaspoon cardamom powder, and salt. Filter this blend once and put it in a safe spot.

2- Meanwhile blend 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and put in a safe spot for 5 minutes while it sours. (or on the other hand, utilize 1 cup buttermilk)

3- Using paddle connection of your stand blender or utilize your hand blender, beat together oil and powdered sugar. Blend until velvety and very much joined.

4- Then include the vanilla and blend.

5- Start adding the flour blend and milk-vinegar combination in parts. First add the flour blend and blend, trailed by the milk-vinegar combination.

6- Add the flour-blend in 3 sections and milk-vinegar combination in 2 sections, beginning and finishing with the flour blend. Don’t over-blend. The hitter is currently done.

7- Transfer hitter to a 9 x 13-inch container. Heated 350 F degrees for around 15 to 18 minutes. This is a flimsy cake layer so it prepares rapidly. On the off chance that utilizing an 8-inch square skillet, will take around 25 minutes or so check appropriately.

8- Let the cake chill off, and afterward utilizing a round cutout, cut the sheet cake layer into 8 rounds. Pick the cutout size as per the size of your serving glasses/containers. You won’t have to utilize these cake layers in the formula.

Further, cut each round into two layers, we will organize these cuts into the containers. Put this in a safe spot and afterward work on the whipped cream.

9- To the steel bowl of your stand blender (or utilize your hand blender) add 2 cups of weighty whipping cream. Ensure the cream is cold, you can likewise cool the bowl and whisk connection previously.

10- Add 3 tablespoons ras (thickened milk from the Rasmalai), powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and Rasmalai pith (if you have it).

11- Beat utilizing the wire whisk connection until its shapes top. Recall to not over-beat else cream will isolate.

12- Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to collect the Rasmalai cake containers. Take your serving glasses and add a solitary cut cake layer at the base (a single layer from the two layers that we had cut from the rounds).

13- Add around 3 teaspoons of ras (thickened milk from the Rasmalai) on top of the cake layer. You can likewise sprinkle a few nuts here and add a sprinkle of kewra water.

14- Pipe a portion of the readied whipped cream on top. You would now be able to add a cut/cut Rasmalai piece here (that will twofold the Rasmalai layer in the container) yet I didn’t.

15- Top with the other portion of the cut cake layer (from the cut rounds) and afterward add 3 additional teaspoons of ras.

16- Finally top with more whipped cream. Spot a full or half Rasmalai on top (I utilized a cut Rasmalai).

Embellishment with squashed nuts, dried flower petals/buds, and Chandi ka Vark (consumable silver leaves). Chill these Rasmalai Cake Jars for a couple of hours before serving.

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