Ragi Cookies

Vegan Ragi Cookies made with ragi (finger millet flour), atta, jaggery, and vegetarian spread.

These are very simple to make and a better choice for locally acquired chai time treats. They are additionally incredible as a bite and are refined without sugar!

I am back with one more simple handcrafted treat formula. Each January, I attempt to cut refined sugar from my eating routine, this is because I eat an excessive lot of sugar beginning from October until December.

Truth be told for me, it started way early this year in August when I began testing Diwali plans and after that, there was one celebration after another and hence no break to the sugar over-burden.

That is the explanation that I generally take a break from sugar in January, just to refocus. This year will be the same and ideally, I can make it to the furthest limit of the month effectively.

Do you all do this as well? If indeed, I couldn’t want anything more than to know and have all of you to go along with me.

My morning chai time is most likely my #1 time. Before the hustle clamor of life starts, those 10-15 minutes give me the energy to handle the day, and obviously, I would never have my chai without my treats (or rolls as we call them in India).

Throughout the long term, I have shared a few hand-crafted treat plans on the blog and you all appear to adore the simple, healthy plans which are liberated from refined sugar like these oats jaggery treats.

So today, I am sharing one better treat formula with you all, these Ragi Cookies.

I have been eating part of ragi roti nowadays (will share the formula soon) thus I needed to utilize it in my heating as well. It’s a solid and nutritious flour and adding it to treats unquestionably makes them more healthy.

These Ragi Cookies

✔are made with ragi (finger millet flour) and atta (entire wheat flour).

✔sweetened with jaggery making them refined sans sugar.

✔are additionally vegetarian!

✔a more healthy choice to locally acquired treats.

✔great with a cup of chai or as a bite.

These treats can’t be simpler to make, you don’t require a blender to make these.

I made the batter for these treats in a single bowl without utilizing a stand or hand blender. Can’t get simpler, right?


This formula utilizes not many fixings just and that is the thing that makes them so natural to make at home.

Ragi flour (finger millet flour): this is a sans gluten flour produced using finger millet. It’s profoundly nutritious and wealthy in iron, calcium, protein. It has a natural flavor.

If you need, you can dry dish the flour for 5 to 10 minutes in a container before utilizing the formula. This will help in eliminating that crude taste from the ragi flour.

I haven’t done this progression since I very like the taste all things considered and you are preparing the treats for 20 minutes on the stove so that is sufficient for the flour to broil. Anyway, it’s certainly a choice if you are not an enthusiast of the flavor.

Atta: the regular atta that we use in making roti is the thing that I have utilized here. This aids in restricting the combination as there’s gluten and helps to adjust the kinds of the ragi flour.

You can mess with the amount of atta here, I like to utilize atta and ragi in 1:1 proportion however you can change the proportions somewhat as indicated by taste and inclination.

Jaggery: these treats are improved with jaggery. I have utilized jaggery powder here which is effectively accessible at Indian supermarkets. You can filter the jaggery before utilizing yet I didn’t do it in this formula.

Almonds: since the treats are plain, it’s ideal to have some smash in them through nuts. I have utilized almonds here which I beat utilizing a food processor.

You can utilize a blend of nuts and even increment the measure of nuts if you need. Cashews, pecans, walnuts will likewise work out positively here.

Flavors: these treats are seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon. I love these 2 flavors in my treats thus I consistently use them while preparing treats at home.

You can utilize both of the flavors on the off chance that you need them or can even add more flavors if you lean toward nutmeg or ginger.

Vegetarian spread: I needed to make these treats for veggie lovers and thus utilized vegetarian margarine sticks. Here in the US, veggie lover margarine is effectively accessible at supermarkets, I have utilized earth balance vegetarian spread.

Other than these primary fixings, the formula utilizes a piece of heating powder as a raising specialist and some cashew milk to unite the batter.

Heating time and temperature: these Ragi Cookies were prepared at 350 F degrees for 20 minutes. I would recommend watching out for the following 16 minutes. On the off chance that you lean toward crispier treats, you may prepare extra 1-2 minutes.

For a little gentler treat, heat for 18 minutes. Once more, every broiler is unique so observe what works for you.

These treats are 1/4 inch thick, on the off chance that you cut them more slender, you should heat them for a more limited timeframe.

Much of the time Asked Questions

Would regular be able to margarine be utilized?

Indeed. You don’t need to utilize veggie-lover margarine. Since I needed these treats to be a veggie-lover, I have utilized vegetarian margarine here however you can utilize customary spread here.

Would dairy be able to drain be utilized?

Once more, truly. Supplant cashew milk with any milk of decision.

Would ghee be able to be utilized instead of margarine?

I have not tried this formula with ghee anyway you can attempt. Simply ensure that ghee is in a semi-strong state and not in fluid-structure for this formula.

Can heating soft drinks be utilized instead of preparing powder?

No, don’t supplant heating powder in this formula with preparing pop.

Would I be able to utilize 100% ragi flour?

This formula isn’t sans gluten and I haven’t tried this formula with 100% ragi flour. So don’t supplant the entirety of the atta with ragi.

You can take a stab at lessening the amount of atta yet you would at present need some gluten in this formula.

What’s the swap for jaggery powder?

On the off chance that you don’t have jaggery powder, you can find a mesh square of jaggery and utilize that in the formula.

Likewise earthy colored sugar can be utilized in this formula, anyway, then the treats won’t be refined-sugar-free.

Would I be able to cook the ragi flour before utilizing it in the formula?

Truly, particularly on the off chance that you don’t care for that gritty kind of ragi, you can dry dish the flour in a search for gold to 10 minutes and afterward use it in the formula. I don’t cook the flour in this formula.


1- To an enormous bowl, add ragi flour, atta, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, salt, and heating powder. Blend everything utilizing a wire whisk.

2- Add jaggery powder and blend utilizing a wire whisk. At that point add the slashed almonds and blend.

3- Break the room temperature margarine into little pieces and afterward add it to the bowl.

4- Using your fingers, blend and rub the margarine with the flour combination until all the spread is very much joined with the blend. At the point when all the margarine is consolidated, the combination will look like morsels.

5- Once the spread is all around consolidated, begin adding cashew milk to the mixture to unite it all. You would require 3-4 tablespoons of milk, I utilized the whole 4 tablespoons to unite the batter.

6- Wrap the mixture with a sticker sheet and refrigerate for 20 to 30 minutes. Then pre-heat the broiler to 350 F degrees.

7- After 20 minutes, remove the mixture from the fridge and begin moving it. I took a little part of the mixture and folded it into 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into circles or 2-inch width. Rehash until you have utilized all the mixture to cut treats.

You would get around 28-30 treats from this blend. On the off chance that you don’t have a cutout, you can squeeze some batter (around 16-20 grams for every treat) and move between your palms to shape it.

8- Transfer treats to a preparing sheet fixed with material paper. Jab the treats on top utilizing a fork. Prepare at 350 F degrees for 18 to 20 minutes. I prepare to dig for 20 minutes. If you lean toward extra firm treats, you can prepare extra 1-2 minutes.

Move onto a wire rack to cool totally. The treats are fresh up as they chill off. Store ragi treats in an impermeable compartment.

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