Paan Peda

Paan Peda is made with Mawa, sugar, and paan leaves!

These Pedas are anything but difficult to make with locally acquired Mawa and have a lovely green tone from the paan leaves (no food shading utilized)!

Paan pastries have consistently been extremely mainstream on the blog. Regardless of whether it’s the paan coconut Ladoo, paan kheer, or frozen yogurt.

All of you appear to cherish the invigorating kind of paan. I am additionally an enormous fan and that is the reason each happy season I wind up making a few plans utilizing paan leaves (betel leaves).

Peda has consistently been my #1 sweet. My Nani (grandmother) used to make these brilliant Peda and work date I have discovered nothing that can match to that taste.

She would simply diminish the milk for quite a long time until it got to the stage where she could shape it into Pedas. It tasted unimaginable and I can at present feel that judgment regarding my mouth even though it’s been a long time since I had it.

For this formula, I joined my 2 top picks Peda and paan, and made this Paan Peda. The fixing list is excessively straightforward and it makes a brilliant treat for Diwali or any merriments.

It additionally needs not many fixings!

Elements for Paan Peda

Mawa/Khoya: which is the dried milk solids and structures the base for this Peda. I purchased Mawa from the Indian store, it’s accessible in the cooler area. My undisputed top choice brand for frozen Mawa is Vadilal.

You can likewise make Mawa at home yet making it without any preparation requires some investment.

A simpler option is to make it with milk powder. You can discover how to make Mawa from milk powder in this formula from my companion Ruchi. She covers various kinds of Mawa and gives some magnificent tips, so look at it.

Sugar: I have utilized granulated white sugar in the formula so please utilize the equivalent.

Paan leaves: the entire paan flavor in this formula comes from these paan leaves (betel leaves), there’s no counterfeit flavor utilized.

I have utilized 2-3 paan leaves here, these were enormous paan leaves. On the off chance that you have more modest paan leaves, you may have to utilize a greater amount of them.

Milk + Rosewater: this is the fluid in this formula. I add some rose water for that invigorating flavor which we partner with paan.

You can likewise add a drop of rose pith if you need.

Toward the end, I utilized some Mukhwas (mouth cleanser) to decorate the Peda. It’s discretionary and you can skip it.


Here are not many things that you can add to these Pedas.

While testing this formula, I plunged one of the bunches in white chocolate. I truly enjoyed it at the end of the day chose to keep the Pedas plain in the last form. Thus, you can dunk these in white chocolate, goes truly well.

You can likewise stuff these paan Pedas with Gulkand (flower petal jam). Paan and Gulkand are a match made in paradise so it will go truly well here.

You can likewise stuff these with nuts or utilize nuts on the top as embellishment.

How to make amazing Peda? The main thing here is to cook it to the correct stage.

Above all else cook on low warmth. This is significant. Mix constantly and continue cooking on low warmth until the blend arrives at the correct stage.

The right stage to eliminate the dish from heat is the point at which the blend leaves the sides of the container and has a liquid magma like consistency. It takes around 13-14 minutes on exceptionally low warmth to arrive at this stage.

You need to quit cooking at that stage. It may look liquid however it will cement as it cools and you will have the option to make Pedas from it without any problem.

If you continue cooking the blend to a thick stage, at that point the Pedas will turn chewy.

These Pedas taste surprisingly better the following day. I like their surface all the more whenever they are set. You can either shape them into adjusts and smooth marginally or you can utilize a form/treat stamp to make an excellent plan.

On the off chance that your Pedas are not taking care of business pleasantly and you can’t fold them into a decent round shape even after it has chilled off, you can return the combination to the dish on low warmth and cook for an extra 2 to 3 minutes and it will be fine.


1-To a blender add paan leaves with milk and rose water. Mix until you have a smooth blend and saved this.

2-Now to a dish on medium warmth, add Mawa and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. At that point add sugar and mix.

3-Add the readied paan-milk-rose water combination and blend. Promptly, go warmth to low.

4-Continue to cook the combination on low warmth, blend will begin gurgling and getting thickened after around 5 minutes. Continue blending consistently.

5-After cooking on low warmth for around 13 minutes, the combination will leave the sides of the container. The combination will look fluid y, similar to a liquid magma however that is the correct stage to stop. On the off chance that you cook it further, Pedas will turn chewy.

6-At this stage, turn off the warmth and move the combination to a material paper, or you can utilize a plate that has been lubed a bit. Presently, trust that the blend will chill off.

7-Once it has chilled off, you can undoubtedly shape it into round balls. I got 10 round Pedas out of the blend.

On the off chance that you are not ready to give them a shape, that implies the combination wasn’t cooked to the correct stage. All things considered, you should return the skillet on low warmth and keep on cooking for 2-3 additional minutes, and afterward, it should be alright.

I generally shape them and afterward pop them into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

8-After 30 minutes, remove them from the refrigerator and shape them into any shape you like. I utilized a forming mold that I had and gave these Pedas this shape.

Embellishment with Mukhwas.

Keep these Paan Peda refrigerated and they are best overwhelmed in 3-5 days!

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