No-Bake Mithai Cheesecake

No-Bake Mithai Cheesecake-an Indian propelled combination cheesecake seasoned with flavors like rose, cardamom, saffron and finished off with arranged Indian desserts (mithai).

This is a no-heat cheesecake and makes a gem of a pastry for the bubbly season!

Cheesecake combines well with such countless flavors, that is the explanation you have a particularly enormous menu at Cheesecake Factory!

All Indian desserts additionally go truly well with cheesecake and in the previous few years, I am certain you have seen the ascent of ras malai and gulab jamun cheesecakes.

I shared these Motichoor Ladoo Cheesecake Jars on my blog 2 years back thus a considerable lot of you made it and adored it.

The flavors go truly well together and it’s likewise so natural to put it through and through.

This year I am back with another cheesecake that meets the Indian mithai formula. This No-Bake Mithai Cheesecake has the best of the two universes!

It has rich cheesecake, bunches of Indian desserts, and each one of those flavors like rose, cardamom, saffron which you partner with Indian desserts.

No-Bake Mithai Cheesecake

✔makes a dazzling Indian combination dessert.

✔perfect sweet to made ahead of time.

✔show plug dessert for your Diwali party!

✔no preparation and simple to assemble.

I like not preparing my cheesecakes at whatever point conceivable. Truly I do cherish the prepared cheesecake and their surface yet something is so natural about no heat cheesecakes that I generally wind up making them.


This cheesecake needn’t bother with a huge load of fixings! Anyway, one thing that you should utilize is a springform skillet.

That is the solitary way this cheesecake will come out pleasantly, don’t an ordinary cake dish here.

Cream Cheese: it is the base of this cheesecake and you need 3 x 8oz squares of cream cheddar. That may appear to be a ton however recall this is a major 9-inch cheesecake.

Something imperative to recollect is to ensure your cream cheddar is at room temperature, it should be truly mellowed, really at that time you will get that smooth cream cheddar surface.

Hefty cream: to make the cheesecake lighter, we add some whipped cream to it.

Adding more cream makes the surface lighter however you need to utilize the perfect sum with the goal that the cheesecake holds its shape and sets well.

This is a no-prepare cheesecake henceforth it turns out to be truly critical to utilize the perfect measure of cream here.

Sugar: I like to utilize powdered sugar (otherwise called confectioners sugar) for no-heat cheesecakes.

It blends effectively and brings about a smooth surface and consistency. It additionally has cornstarch blended in it which helps in firming up.

Treats: the outside layer of this cheesecake is made with parle-g, which are exceptionally famous Indian bread rolls.

Nonetheless, you can utilize any treat for the covering. Stomach related rolls, Biscoff treats are other acceptable choices.

Mithai: otherwise known as Indian desserts. Since this is a mithai cheesecake, I utilized a combination of mainstream Indian desserts like jalebi, gulab jamun, Motichoor Ladoo. You can utilize whatever Mithais you like however I need to state jalebi and gulab jamun go so well here so don’t avoid those.

I got every one of these desserts from a neighborhood Indian sweet shop. You can do likewise, simply get 2-4 bits of each to make this cheesecake.

Making each mithai at home will make this formula long and confounded.

Flavors: the cheesecake is seasoned with all the flavors that you partner with Indian desserts. There’s rose water, cardamom, saffron, and kewra water.

You can avoid on the kewra on the off chance that you don’t have it yet don’t skirt on the rest.

The proportion of cream cheddar to cream: so while testing no-heat cheesecakes, I originally made one with 2 squares of cream cheddar (16 oz) with 1 cup cream.

The cheesecake set however it had an extremely free surface, it wasn’t firm at all and didn’t generally hold its shape after removing it from the fridge.

After some analysis, I have discovered that 3 squares of cream cheddar (24 oz) with 1 cup cream (8 oz) works the best and that is the thing that I have utilized here.

Try not to change this proportion if you need the cheesecake to set well, since this isn’t prepared this proportion is significant.

Serving Size

Thus, this formula makes a major 9-inch cheesecake. This will handily serve 8-10 individuals.

Would you be able to make this in individual containers? Indeed yet then you should layers each one of those Mithais in each container and it will include parcel more work however it’s certainly an alternative.

Making ahead: make this cheesecake ahead of time, it should be chilled for the time being. You can make it 2 days ahead of time and will be okay.

It is best served straight out of the fridge since this is no-prepare and the topping relaxes off as it sits outside.


1-Pulse parle-g bread rolls (or any treat you like) in a food processor until you have pieces. Move it to a bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder and blend.

At that point dissolve 1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted margarine, let it cool touch, and afterward add to the bowl of disintegrated parle-g.

2-Mix until the blend takes after wet sand.

3-Transfer the combination to a 9-inch springform skillet and press firmly into the dish. Utilize the rear of a bowl of the spoon to squeeze it minimally.

Spot the container in the cooler for the covering to set while you make the filling.

4-Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons of milk in a little container. When it’s hot, add a liberal touch of saffron to the milk and put it in a safe spot.

5-Beat room temperature cream cheddar (3 x 8 oz blocks) until exceptionally smooth, at medium speed for 3-4 minutes in a stand blender (utilizing paddle connection) or utilize your hand blender.

6-Then add powdered sugar and blend until very much joined.

7-Add rose water, cardamom powder, arranged saffron milk, and few drops of kewra water.

8-Mix until it’s all around joined and afterward move this readied cream cheddar combination to a bowl.

9-Now add 1 cup of substantial cream to the stand blender (or utilize your hand blender) and beat utilizing the wire whisk connection until it structures tops. Ensure the cream is cold and straight out of the cooler.

10-Start collapsing in the whipped cream into the cream cheddar combination utilizing a spatula.

11-Fold in parts and blend until all the whipped cream is joined with the cream cheddar combination.

12-Now, remove from the hull out of the cooler. Cut 4 gulab jamuns down the middle and orchestrate over the outside layer with the cut side looking down.

13-Now, a pour-over portion of the cheesecake filling over the highest point of the hull, smooth utilizing a spatula.

14-Crumble one Motichoor Ladoo and one jalebi and spread over.

15-Top with the leftover cheesecake rounding and smooth it out with a spatula.

16-Decorate with Chandi ka Vark, and desserts (pal, squashed Motichoor Ladoo, gulab jamun, jalebi, or any varying Mithais that you have), squashed pistachios, dried rosebuds.

Cover and chill the no-cake Mithai Cheesecake short-term. Following the day, eliminate the sides of the springform container cautiously and afterward move the cheesecake onto a serving stand. Cut and serve.

This is best served straight out of the fridge. The filling since it’s not heated will slacken up when left at room temperature.

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