Instant Pot White Bean, Tomato & Kale Soup

Instant Pot White Bean, Tomato & Kale Soup made in the Instant Pot.

This hearty soup is perfect for fall and the colder days ahead and is also vegan.

The mornings have been getting cooler here. I have been going on for my morning walks pretty regularly these days and I usually go around 6:30 am.

Just a couple of weeks back, it was quite pleasant at that time but now it’s cold. In fact there have been few days, when I had to wait until 7:30 or something for it to get warmer.

This only means one thing- fall is here and as usual I am so looking forward to it. Definitely my favorite season. I love the beautiful fall colors, the warm spices and of course the hearty soups.

I love having soups for dinner and although there isn’t a season to have them, the colder weather definitely makes them look more appealing. Isn’t it?

Some of my absolute favorites for fall are this carrot ginger soup, thai butternut squash soup, broccoli almond soup and also this White Bean, Tomato & Kale Soup that I am sharing with you guys today.

I feel white beans needs more appreciation, they are really creamy and yummy. I am also guilty of not using them very often, somehow I always end up using black beans, kidney beans in my recipes.

However, this time around I picked few cans of white beans from the grocery store and used them in this super easy soup recipe.

This White Bean Soup

✔is vegan and gluten-free.

✔makes a comforting soup for cold days.

✔easy to make with a prep time of 10 minutes!

✔great way to include kale in your diet.

While making this soup I realized that I do not eat enough kale and I don’t know why. I sure do like it but never used it as much as other greens.

How do you guys use kale? I have added it to salads (of course), dalparatha but I am curious to know how you guys enjoy it. Let me know.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for this soup and what can you substitute if you don’t have them.

Onion: I have used yellow onion here, but red onion or white onion will also work if yellow isn’t available.

Veggies: I have used carrots and celery here. You can use other veggies like mushrooms, potato, peppers.

Diced tomatoes: So, I used a can of diced tomatoes which were fire roasted, I quite like them for the extra flavor.

You can however use a regular can of diced tomatoes, doesn’t have to be fire roasted.

What about substituting with fresh tomatoes? I would say stick to the can if possible but if not, use 3 medium tomatoes in place.

White beans: can of great northern beans is what I have used here. If you don’t have white beans, you can use a can of black beans or kidney beans in place. Every chickpeas will work.

Herbs: so, I have used one fresh herb- sage and two other herbs in dried form- thyme and oregano. These herbs give flavor and aroma to the soup.

You can even use rosemary. If you can’t find fresh sage, that’s okay too, just skip and use the dried herbs.

Kale: you can increase or decrease the quantity of kale in the recipe depending how much you like greens in your soup.

Also, you can definitely substitute kale with spinach if that’s what you have.

Vegetable broth: I highly recommend not skipping on this. Don’t use water here since broth adds to flavor of the soup.

Lemon: the lemon adds that freshness and tang to the soup which I really like.

You can use lime juice in place.

If you want, you can garnish the soup with some parmesan cheese before serving. I didn’t do that and kept this vegan.

Quick easy soup!

This soup has very less prep work- it’s only chopping the onion, carrots and celery. And then it comes together very quickly.

That’s what I like about this soup- easy to make and makes a big pot of soup.

Also, you make it in one-pot, so not many dishes to clean!

As the weather turns cooler, hope you guys give this recipe a try, definitely makes for a very comforting meal.

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