Instant Pot Quinoa Matar Pulao

Instant Pot Quinoa Matar Pulao – Speedy and simple Quinoa Matar Pulao made in the Instant Pot.

Quinoa is thrown with entire flavors and heaps of green peas, making this a more healthy option in contrast to the exemplary Matar pulao.

Since the time I began cooking quinoa in the moment pot (which has been numerous years now), I cook it a lot more regularly.

Prior, I would consistently discover reasons to not make it since it included me standing and checking the search for gold minutes and I generally discovered it tedious.

With the Instant pot, despite the fact that the time taken to cook quinoa is the same, yet I don’t need to watch pot at all and that for me is a distinct advantage. I simply add quinoa and water and it cooks without me busy.

That is really the main explanation I love my IP so much-zero checking!

Since I cook quinoa a great deal now, I additionally attempt to cook it severally and you folks appear to appreciate these plans. This is the most recent quinoa formula which I adored Quinoa Matar Pulao.

It’s a turn on the exemplary Matar pulao (which is made with rice). Making it with quinoa makes it more healthy.

This Quinoa Matar Pulao

✔is veggie lover and sans gluten.

✔is pressed with protein and makes a healthy dinner.

✔great for breakfast or lunch.

✔comes together rapidly with zero observings.

I cooked this pulao in the very same manner as the conventional rice pulao. I like mine with heaps of flavors, green peas, onion, and cilantro. This formula utilizes a modest bunch of fixings.

Quinoa: I have utilized white quinoa here however you may utilize red quinoa or tricolor quinoa as well.

Something imperative to do (which I generally do and suggest) is to wash the quinoa very well for 1-2 minutes utilizing a sifter.

This aids in disposing of the harshness, so ensure you do that prior to throwing the quinoa in the pot.

Entire flavors: this formula doesn’t require any ground flavors, so entire flavors are the thing that gives the dish a ton of flavor.

I have utilized cove leaf, cumin seeds, cloves, green cardamom, and dark cardamom. These flavors give this pulao a hearty flavor.

Regularly when I share plans utilizing entire flavors, perusers find out if we should pick the entire flavors prior to serving or how precisely do we serve it?

I don’t pick them yet in the event that you don’t care for gnawing into entire flavors, eliminate them prior to serving.

Green peas: since it’s Matar pulao (matar=green peas), peas are a critical fixing in this formula. I like utilizing frozen peas since I generally have those in my cooler.

Absorb the peas in warm water for 10 minutes prior to utilizing the formula. You can utilize them straightforwardly from the cooler as well yet I incline toward the taste better when I absorb it warm water preceding adding to the pot.

Other than these fixings, I have additionally utilized cilantro and onion.

Something else which would be incredible here will be cashews. I truly needed to add them however then ran out of them while making the dish. In the event that you need, you can add a few cashews after you add the flavors and fry them a little prior to adding the onion. It will give a pleasant mash to the dish.

Quinoa to water proportion: For most quinoa plans, I utilize a proportion of 1:1.25.

Thus, for 1 cup of quinoa, I utilize 1.25 cups of water. I have attempted different proportions and this is the thing that turns out best for me. The quinoa gets dry as it cools so I favor this proportion.

Be that as it may, it’s up to you. On the off chance that you favor drier and more independent grains of quinoa, you can utilize a 1:1 proportion also.

Serving Suggestions

This is a finished dish all alone. I like serving it with yogurt as an afterthought yet it very well may be eaten in that capacity.

You can likewise serve this as a side with dal or any curry of decision.

This quinoa Matar pulao is extraordinary for breakfast and furthermore for lunch or supper.


1- Rinse the quinoa under running water utilizing a sifter for 1-2 minutes. At that point put this in a safe spot. Likewise, add the frozen green peas to a bowl of warm water while you wrap up the means.

2- Press the saute catch on the Instant Pot. When it shows hot, add the oil and afterward add the entire flavor’s sound leaf, cumin seeds, green cardamom, dark cardamom, and cloves. Allow them to sizzle for a few moments.

3- Then add the cut onion and green stew and cook for 2 to 3 minutes until the onion is relaxed.

4- Drain the green peas and afterward add them to the pot alongside cilantro.

5- Also, gather the quinoa and throw everything into a single unit.

6- Add water, salt, and mix. Close the pot with its cover.

7- Press the manual or pressing factor cook catch and cook on high pressing factor for 2 minutes (with the pressing factor valve in the fixing position). Let the pressing factor discharge normally, which takes around 15 minutes.

8- Open the cover and utilizing a fork cushion the quinoa.

Serve quinoa Matar pulao with yogurt or as a side with any principle dish.

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