Instant Pot Lauki Curry (Bottle Gourd Curry)

Instant Pot Lauki Curry

Simple Lauki Curry (bottle gourd curry) made in the Instant Pot!

One pot, veggie lover, and without gluten, this completes shortly or less.

Lauki (bottle gourd) is certifiably not a known or famous vegetable around here in the US. In any case, experiencing childhood in India, it was perhaps the most widely recognized vegetables.

It was made frequently in my home yet nobody was truly attached to it, my siblings particularly despised it. I preferred it, I mean it wasn’t my number one vegetable however I would cheerfully eat it. The dry rendition was particularly my top choice.

What’s more, obviously I adored Lauki kheer and Lauki halwa!

Presently, I don’t cook with it that frequently since here you can just think that it’s any Indian store and I don’t get veggies from Indian stores that regularly.

Lauki is fundamentally the same as zucchini aside from it’s firmer on the surface. It’s a sort of squash (opo squash) however I lean toward the flavor of Lauki much more. I think it has to do with me growing up eating Lauki not zucchini.

Jug gourd is in reality exceptionally sound, excessively low in fat, low calories, and a great wellspring of dietary fiber. I tuned in to accounts of individuals drinking Lauki ka juice to get in shape.

Along these lines, a day or two ago, I got an extremely decent Lauki from the Indian store as of late and made this Lauki curry or Lauki ki sabzi in the Instant Pot.

At the point when I was a child, I recollect that I generally favored drier sabzis, I didn’t care for the ones with curry that much. Yet, presently obviously inclinations have changed and I appreciate them similarly so much.

This curry was so natural to make in the Instant Pot, it is a real sense that took me like 10 minutes to assemble this all.

Right now Pot Lauki Curry

✔is vegetarian, without a nut, and can be made sans gluten.

✔made without onions or garlic.

✔easy curry which requires a planning season of 10 minutes or less.

✔goes well with rice, quinoa, or flatbread.

This formula is truly simple to make, the fundamental prep work required is to dice the Lauki and puree the tomatoes.

Whenever that is done, it takes under 5 minutes to put it to pressure cook.

We should discuss all the fixings that go into it.

Lauki/bottle gourd: this is obviously the primary element for this formula. You can discover Lauki at all Indian markets.

Strip and afterward dice it into 1/2 inch pieces, the Lauki that I utilized was medium in size around 550 grams.

Some of the time there are a ton of seeds inside the Lauki, so for the situation, the one you have has that, eliminate the seeds too. The one that I utilized had just a couple of seeds so I let it be.

Make sure to cut them into greater pieces like 1/2 inch or more else they may be too delicate after weight cooking.

Tomatoes: this structures the base of the curry, I pureed them in a blender and afterward utilized them in the formula,

Ginger: I love the expansion of ginger here, you can even utilize garlic despite the fact that I skipped it.

Flavors: for the flavors, I have utilized coriander powder, fennel powder, amchur, turmeric, and Kashmiri red bean stew powder (which had gentle flavor and utilized principally for heat.

This formula turned out somewhat spicier than my standard plans. You can restrain it (if it’s not too much trouble check guidelines underneath).

In the event that you need, you can utilize onions here. I would sauté them in oil in the wake of adding cumin seeds and afterward cook them for around 2 minutes until mellowed prior to adding the tomato puree.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this Lauki curry with rice, quinoa, or with roti.

I appreciated this with my Matar quinoa.


1-To a blender add tomatoes, ginger, and green bean stew.

2-Puree to a smooth glue and put in a safe spot.

3-Press the sauté button on the Instant Pot. When it shows hot, add the oil and afterward add the cumin seeds. Let them sizzle for a few moments and afterward add dried red stew (if utilizing) and Hing. Sauté a few moments.

4-Then add the get a ready tomato-ginger-stew puree. Mix well and afterward add the flavors coriander powder, turmeric powder, fennel powder, amchur, Kashmiri red bean stew powder, and salt. Mix and cook for 30 seconds.

5-Add in the hacked Lauki (1/2 inch pieces) and mix.

6-Add 1 cup water and blend.

7-Close the pot with cover. Cook on high weight for 6 minutes with the weight valve in the fixing position. Let the weight discharge normally.

8-Open the top and add slashed cilantro. Add extra water (1/4 to 1/2 cup) if the curry looks excessively thick for your preferring. I added around 1/4 cup additional water here. The curry thickens as it cools so it’s a smart thought to add some water here.

Serve this Lauki curry warm with rice, quinoa, or Rotis!

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