Chocolate Paan (Chocolate Meetha Paan)

This Chocolate Paan has paan leaves (betel leaves) spread with a hazelnut spread and loaded up with Gulkand, chocolate chips, tutti frutti, and coconut!

Dunked in chocolate, this Meetha paan makes an invigorating after feast mouth cleanser or sweet!

At whatever point we go to India, I make it a highlight proceed to attempt the most up to date paan flavors.

Paan (betel leaves) is extremely well known in South Asia and individuals regularly burn-through it with tobacco and areca nut. In any case, the variant that has gotten mainstream with the more youthful age is the Meetha (sweet) paan which doesn’t have any tobacco and is eaten like a mouth revitalizer/sense of taste chemical.

Meetha paan’s prominence has taken off such a great amount in India in the course of the most recent couple of years that now there are slows down of Meetha paan in a real sense all over the place and most of them have in excess of 50 flavors to browse (or much more)!

During my last visit to India, I attempted lychee paan, they are accessible in a wide range of fruity flavors, caramel and so on There’s one which they in a real sense light with fire and afterward put it in your mouth (looks fun however I was terrified to attempt it)!

Perhaps the most mainstream variants of the Meetha paan is Chocolate Paan. This chocolate variant came route before the wide range of various extravagant forms were presented. I once had an astonishing chocolate Meetha paan in Gurgaon, it had hazelnut spread and it was totally dunked in chocolate.

Taking motivation from that paan that I had, I made this Chocolate Paan. It has a hazelnut spread and is loaded up with everything sweet like-tutti Frutti, cherries, chocolate chips, Gulkand.

It’s truly simple to make and would make a great expansion to your supper table during the bubbly season.

Fixings and Fillings

Paan leaves: you need decent huge paan leaves to make this paan. All Indian stores in my general vicinity convey paan leaves.

To make Meetha paan, I generally pick the enormous paan leaves, you need to add all the fillings, so it bodes well to have a bigger surface zone to work with.

Hazelnut spread: I have utilized a hazelnut spread (like Nutella) to spread the paan leaves for this chocolate paan.

You can likewise utilize a chocolate spread in the event that you have that. Anything chocolaty will work.

Tutti frutti: these are candy-coated dried papaya and come in a different tone. Once more, most Indian stores convey them so I generally get them from that point.

You can utilize a variety of tutti frutti shadings or utilize a solitary tone, it doesn’t actually make a difference. The various tones are more for a visual reason.

Gulkand: This flower petal protects/jam is made with rose obviously and is very sweet in taste. You can discover it at Indian stores.

On the off chance that you have a major box of Gulkand and are considering approaches to utilize it, at that point these Paan Ladoo are very acceptable.

Cherries: I add a few cherries in the filling and furthermore utilize an entire clincher to seal and enrich the paan.

Coconut: the mix of chocolate and coconut goes truly well together so I utilize some desiccated coconut powder in the filling and furthermore sprinkle some on the top subsequent to dunking the paan in chocolate.

Chocolate chips: obviously since it’s chocolate paan, I needed to add some chocolate chips to it.

On the off chance that you don’t have chocolate chips, you can just mesh any chocolate and add that to the filling.

Mukhwas: for the individuals who don’t know Mukhwas alludes to mouth revitalizer made with fennel seeds, sesame seed and so on They come in different sorts and are eaten after supper as a cleanser.

I have added a green tone Mukhwas that I had in the filling. You can utilize any that you have.

Additional filling thoughts: so other than these, there are a few things that you can add to this paan like-

Nuts: like cleaved almonds and cashews.

Fennel seeds: you can add some crude fennel.

Peppermint: for that reviving flavor, add some squashed peppermint, or even a small drop of peppermint quintessence will be acceptable.

Mishri: which is sugar candy can be likewise be utilized here.

Dates: cleaved dates will likewise work out in a good way here.

Plunging in chocolate: So, I dunked this paan in chocolate which is discretionary. These are acceptable without it as well however in the event that you need to make them greater and furthermore add more chocolate flavor, at that point do dunk these in chocolate.

I like to utilize Ghirardelli chocolate dissolving wafers for these since they are ideal for covering and require no treating. You can even plunge these in white chocolate on the off chance that you like.


In the event that I am not destroying these right, I like to store these paans in the fridge.

You can make these for an evening gathering ahead of time and they will remain great in the ice chest. Simply bring them out upon the arrival of your gathering and serve them to your visitors after dinner.


1- Start by setting up the paan leaves. Overlay it and afterward cut it from the base at a point to eliminate the tail (see picture).

2- Now place the paan on a level surface. Add 1/2 teaspoon hazelnut spread on the leaf and afterward utilizing your fingers, spread the hazelnut spread over the paan leaf.

3- Now add 1/4 teaspoon of green and 1/4 teaspoon of red tutti frutti on the paan.

4- Top with 1/4 teaspoon every one of parched coconut powder and Mukhwas. Additionally, add 3-4 chocolate chips.

5- Top with slashed cherries (from the 4 cherries that we have cleaved).

6- And at long last with 1 teaspoon of Gulkand. You can lessen this measure of Gulkand as you would prefer. The filling is currently done, it’s an ideal opportunity to overlay the paan.

7- Take the correct hand-cut side of the paan and overlap it over. If it’s not too much trouble see the picture, you don’t overlap it straight down yet rather at a point.

8- Now, take the left side and overlap it over the correct hand overlay.

9- Then take the third side and overlay it over to make a triangle (see pictures). You presently have a pleasant triangle.

10- To seal the paan, take an entire cherry and addition a toothpick inside it, and stick it into the focal point of the paan. Make all paans also. When all paans are done, it’s an ideal opportunity to dissolve the chocolate.

11- Melt the chocolate wafers utilizing a twofold heater technique or microwave. I utilized a twofold kettle technique where I took not many creeps of water in a container and let it stew. Spot a glass bowl with chocolate wafers on top of the dish, ensuring the lower part of the glass bowl doesn’t contact the water.

Allow water to stew (no bubbling) and the chocolate dissolve.

12- Once the chocolate is softened and smooth, plunge one side of the container into the dissolved chocolate and turn to cover it from all sides. Do the same with all the readied paan.

Spot them for material paper for the chocolate to solidify, you can sprinkle some parched coconut powder on top. Serve chocolate paan as a mouth revitalizer after dinner or appreciate it as a great bite/dessert whenever!

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