Besan Halwa

Besan Halwa – Rich and sweet-smelling Besan halwa is made with gram flour, ghee, sugar, nuts and seasoned with cardamom.

This is one of those sweets which is simply ideal for any festival and requires just a couple of fixings.

As an Indian, your relationship with halwa (or Kesari/Sheera as it is brought in different pieces of India) is vital. It doesn’t make a difference which part of the nation you have a place with, it is one pastry which each Indian grows up eating, in one structure or the other.

I grew up eating sooji halwa and atta halwa consistently. They were pastries that require no arranging and mother consistently had the fixings to make these at home.

Besan (halwa made with gram flour) was not something the mother made regularly. Thus, I had it every so often, particularly during winters. Sarvesh however grew up eating is pretty routinely.

Indeed, even a year ago when we were in Delhi, my relative made besan ka halwa for us. It should be truly useful for the throat. So if you are down with a cold and have a sore throat, this halwa can do some amazing things.

We both became ill on our outing back home and thus she made it for us. It was truly relieving for the throat!

With the Indian bubbly season going to start, I figured it will simply be the ideal chance to impart this basic formula to you folks.

What is Besan Halwa

As referenced previously, it’s a halwa (pudding) made with besan (gram flour). The principle elements for this halwa are besan, ghee, sugar, and milk/water.

The remainder of the fixings like nuts, cardamom powder, and so on are discretionary. You can skip them. I don’t think my relative halwa had any cardamom powder or nuts in it.

This halwa set aside a touch of effort to assemble. Simmering the besan to the right stage is the most critical advance for this halwa and that takes some time. Thus, you must be somewhat quiet while making this halwa.

Step by step instructions to Make Good Besan Halwa

This is a straightforward treat yet there are not many things to remember, particularly in the event that you are new to making this.

Broiling the besan to the right stage: this is the most vital advance for besan halwa.

In the event that you don’t boil it well, at that point the halwa will taste “crude” and then again on the off chance that you over-cook the besan, at that point the halwa will consume and by and by the taste will be demolished.

Along these lines, it’s imperative to broil until the perfect stage. Presently, how would you realize what is the correct stage?

You should utilize 2 things-your eyes and your nose. Watch out for the besan while you are broiling it, it needs to transform into a pleasant brilliant earthy colored tone however not go excessively far else it will consume.

Likewise once done, your kitchen will be loaded up with a superb fragrance of broiled besan. So these two things will help you know the right stage.

Also, obviously, just intently adhere to the timings in my guidelines.

Cook on low warmth: the besan for this halwa should be broiled on low warmth.

On the off chance that you broil on high warmth, it will get earthy colored rapidly yet will stay crude. You additionally need to mix constantly while you are simmering the besan.

Utilize a substantial base dish: at whatever point we are simmering something, it’s smarter to utilize a weighty base container.

That way the besan won’t consume and will likewise broil equally.

Great quality ghee: utilizing decent quality ghee in the halwa has a significant effect. So you can either utilize custom made ghee or utilize a decent brand from the Indian market.

I might likewise want to discuss the consistency of the halwa here. This halwa has a delicate consistency, it’s neither too thick nor it’s fluid y.

For 1/2 cup besan, I have utilized somewhat more than twofold the measure of fluid for this formula.

My relative frequently makes this soupy besan halwa when we have a sore throat and for that, she utilized significantly more fluid since it should be useful for the throat that way.

So you can change the measure of fluids in like manner.

Serving Suggestions

This halwa is best delighted in quite hot.

You can store the extras in the refrigerator and afterward microwave them.

In the event that re-warming in a skillet, cover with a top so the ghee melts and it returns to its unique consistency.

What’s more, stay tuned for some more plans for the impending happy season, I can hardly wait to impart them all to you all!


1- Heat ghee in a skillet on medium warmth. When the ghee softens, bring down the warmth to low and add besan.

Blend the besan with the ghee utilizing a spatula. Presently begin mixing and cooking the besan.

2- Meanwhile in a dish heat up milk and water. There’s no bubbling required here, simply warm up the combination and keep it prepared.

3- Keep mixing besan on low warmth, it will begin to change the tone. This is what it looks like following 10 minutes of cooking.

4- After around 17 minutes of cooking on low warmth, it gets brilliant earthy colored in shading. Now, your kitchen will likewise be loaded up with a superb nutty fragrance of the besan. That is the phase of adding the fluids.

5- Add the warmed up milk and water blend to the cooked besan. The blend will bubble so be cautious.

6- Stir the fluids with the besan until everything gets smooth.

7- Then add the sugar, blend well and increment the warmth to medium and keep on cooking for 2 additional minutes until halwa begins leaving sides of the skillet.

8- Add cleaved nuts, cardamom powder, and blend. Mood killer the warmth.

Serve besan halwa warm. You may decorate with more nuts prior to serving.

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