Balsamic Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pomegranate

Balsamic Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts makes a simple and magnificent side dish for the Holidays!

The balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, and smoked paprika give the Brussel sprouts that sweet, smokey, and tart flavors which go so well together!

I had never known about Brussel sprouts back home in India. Along these lines, this was a new vegetable for me when I moved to the US. I was not careful about the difficulty it however as I love all veggies and consistently ready for attempting new ones.

I truly delighted in it the first occasion when I attempted it, I recollect it was at a Thanksgiving supper at a companion’s place and they had broiled Brussel sprouts on the table. Cooking by one way or another draws out the best kind of vegetable, right?

So from that point forward, my number one approach to appreciate these is by simmering them in the broiler.

A basic meal with oil, salt, and pepper is acceptable yet when I need to take it up a score up, I add flavors to it like flavors, vinegar, and so forth

This Balsamic Maple Roasted Brussel sprout is one of my outright top choices! It has such astonishing flavors and is so natural to make.

With Thanksgiving practically here, this makes an awesome expansion to the table.

This Balsamic Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts

✔is a simple to make side dish for these special seasons.

✔has pleasantness from the maple syrup, smokiness from the smoked paprika, and tart flavors from the balsamic vinegar.

✔is vegetarian and sans gluten.

✔has Brussel sprouts simmered until they are pleasantly cooked, fresh, and caramelized.

The formula utilizes extremely basic fixings so we should perceive what they are.

Brussel sprouts: the principle element for this formula. The ones I utilized were minimal in size, around 9-10 grams each. Due to the little size, they got seared and caramelized rapidly.

The bigger ones will likely take additional time. I trim the finishes and afterward eliminate the sautéed leaves and cut each into half before broiling it.

You may utilize the entire Brussel grows as well on the off chance that you would prefer not to cut them into half.

Olive oil: I utilized extra-virgin olive oil for simmering anyway coconut oil or avocado oil is additionally an alternative.

Balsamic vinegar: this is a flat out key element for this formula. I don’t suggest supplanting or skipping it.

Maple syrup: add the hint of pleasantness to the formula. If you don’t have maple syrup, nectar can likewise be utilized.

Other than these, the solitary different fixings that are utilized are salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

I added some pomegranate eventually to make it look happy.

On the off chance that you need you can likewise add some toasted pecans, hazelnuts, almonds. That will add some smash to them!

Preparing temperature: along these lines, I heated at 400 F degrees for around 25 minutes. For the size of Brussel sprouts I utilized (9-10 grams every), this time was amazing to get it all brilliant and caramelized.

If the Brussel sprouts you are utilizing are greater in size, broil for extra 10 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.

The firm pieces are my top pick and you need to cook on high warmth to accomplish that.


Preheat the broiler to 400 F degrees.

1-Rinse the Brussel fledglings and trim the finishes. Cut each brussel sprout down the middle and eliminate any cooked leaves. Move them to an enormous bowl and add olive oil.

2-Then add balsamic vinegar, maple syrup.

3-Add salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and combine everything.

4-Transfer to a delicately lubed heating sheet in a solitary layer with the cut half looking down. Prepare at 400 F degrees for 25 to 30 minutes, until the Brussel sprouts are carmelized and caramelized.

Eliminate dish from broiler, add pomegranate, and serve the balsamic maple cooked Brussel sprouts as a side!

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