Baked Oats Namak Pare

Baked Oats Namak Pare-exquisite crunchy nibble made with entire wheat, oats.

This is a more healthy adaptation of the customary Namak pare and is very simple to make.

It’s acceptable to keep harmony among liberals and sound, correct?

So in the wake of sharing the Mithai Cheesecake, I needed to share something not so much liberal but rather more healthy.

Namak pare is my supreme top choice. Back home in India, at whatever point they were made for Diwali and Holi, I would simply crunch on them constantly. They are exceptionally addictive and I think that it is extremely difficult to restrict myself with regards to these.

For Diwali, this year I considered making a multigrain Namak pare and heating them instead of fricasseeing them. I do like heating a lot of my tidbits like prepared methi Mathri or Gur para.

Namak para is an exquisite bite generally made with universally handy flour and typically enhanced with ajwain (carom seeds), Kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves), and is broiled.

While I love the southern style adaptation, I likewise very much appreciate the prepared rendition. This is a decent option for the individuals who don’t wish to sear either for wellbeing reasons or because they have a repugnance for profound fricasseeing.

These Baked Oats Namak Pare

✔are a healthy option in contrast to conventional Namak pare.

✔are prepared and not singed.

✔great to crunch on with your night chai.

✔can additionally be given as palatable endowments to loved ones.

These Namak pare are made with fundamental storeroom fixings which you should have in your washroom as of now.

Atta: I have utilized atta which I use for making roti/chapati.

Some other entire wheat flour ought to likewise work.

Oats: the option of oats adds more fiber to this Namak pare. I have utilized moved oats here which I beat in the food processor multiple times to marginally break them.

Moment oats ought to likewise work.

Sooji (semolina): a smidgen of sooji gives these a slight crunch.

Universally handy flour: I have utilized some maida (generally useful flour) here so that the Namak pare don’t turn out excessively thick.

On the off chance that you need, you can supplant this with entire wheat flour as well however it makes the surface somewhat lighter.

Ajwain: This is the solitary flavoring that I have utilized in this Namak pare to enhance them. You may utilize Kasuri methi, dark pepper, and different flavors as well.

What’s more, obviously there’s salt too after all that’s Namak pare without Namak (salt).

This Namak pare utilizes moved oats which are very huge thus they are there in each nibble. On the off chance that you would prefer not to chomp into moved oats in your Namak pare, essentially beat not many occasions in a food processor and afterward use in the formula. That will break the oats a touch.

Heating temperature and time: I prepared these for 20 minutes at 375 F degrees.

The preparing time will likewise rely upon how thick you move them. I move them someplace between 1/6 inch and 1/8 inch thickness and for that thickness, it turns firm at 18-20 minutes.

If you move it 1/4 inch thick, it may require not many additional minutes.

Capacity: these effectively keep going for about fourteen days at room temperature in an impenetrable compartment. Perhaps they would last more yet they didn’t keep going that long for me to tell the specific timeframe of realistic usability.

These are best appreciated as a nibble with espresso or chai.


1-To a huge bowl add oats (beat them 2-3 times in a food processor to break them a bit), atta, universally handy flour, sooji, heating powder, and mix.

2-Add salt and ajwain and combine everything.

3 and 4-Start adding oil, around 3.5 tablespoons, and rub the oil into the flour blend in with your fingers.

5-Hold the batter in your grasp and press between your palms. If it holds shape, at that point oil is sufficient, on the off chance that it disintegrates, at that point add the excess 1/2 tablespoon of oil and blend.

6-Now begin adding water to unite your batter. I utilize my stand blender here yet you can do this by hand as well.

7-Add water little at an at once to a solid batter. I utilized minimal mutiple/2 cup water here, likely 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoons. Cover the mixture with a sticker sheet and rest batter for 20 minutes.

8-Then beginning rolling the mixture utilizing a moving pin, move somewhere close to 1/6 to 1/8 inch thickness.

9 and 10-Cut the mixture vertically into strips and afterward slantingly to cut into precious stones, 3/4 inch wide. You can cut them in any shape you like.

11-This image if for indicating the thickness of each Namak para.

12-Arrange them on a heating sheet fixed with material paper and prepare at 375 F degrees for 18-20 minutes or until firm. Keep an eye following 15 minutes with the goal that they don’t consume.

Let cool totally and afterward store these oats Namak pare in a sealed shut compartment at room temperature.

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