Baked Masala Peanuts

Baked Masala Peanuts – crunchy, zesty cooked peanuts that are prepared on the stove making them a better option in contrast to profound searing.

These spiced peanuts make an extraordinary nibble with chai or espresso.

I love crunching on something flavorful with my night chai. I recollect mother consistently made some custom-made Chivda or Namak para or something for her night chai.

What’s more, I am the equivalent, I can’t have my chai simply like that without crunching on something. I get it’s something Indian!

My most loved chai time snacks incorporate this broiled Poha Chivda, jeera bread rolls, masala cheddar treats, and some more.

Nowadays one of my top picks is these Baked Masala Peanuts. I make a clump at regular intervals and it keeps going me for few days. They set aside no effort to assemble and bring about an extraordinary crunchy nibble all done in the stove.

Prior I would make this formula by browning the peanuts, which was delicious yet when you need to chomp on it regularly, you search for a better choice thus I began heating these and they come out similarly as incredible.

These Masala Peanuts

✔are prepared, in this way making them a better option in contrast to profound searing.

✔makes an incredible nibble for chai time.

✔also extraordinary to convey as a nibble on travels.

✔involves next to no preparation and very simple to assemble.

✔stay great in an impermeable compartment for quite a long time.

✔is vegetarian and without gluten.

With the happy season here, these will be an incredible expansion to your rundown of flavorful tidbits. The majority of the Diwali flavorful tidbits are broiled, so it’s ideal to have a no-fry alternative, right?

These peanuts are covered with a hot masala, so how about we see what everything is in there.


Besan: otherwise known as gram flour is one of the fundamental elements for these masala peanuts. It offers flavor to the peanuts and goes about as a coupling specialist.

Rice flour: so this offers a firmness to the peanuts. You ought not to skip it.

I have not tried this formula with cornstarch so I can’t state without a doubt however you can attempt it as a substitute if you don’t have rice flour.

Yet, if conceivable stick to rice flour, please.

Flavors: since these are masala peanuts we utilize a lot of flavors like chaat masala (gives it that tart taste), turmeric (which is discretionary yet gives tone and flavor).

The principle zest that I use here is Kashmiri Chili Powder, it gives a pleasant red tone and is mellow in taste. So it doesn’t make the peanuts hot which is what I like.

On the off chance that you like zesty peanuts, you can supplant a portion of the Kashmiri red stew powder with a hot red bean stew powder.

Ginger-garlic glue: again this is for flavor primarily. You can either utilize locally acquired ginger-garlic glue or heartbeat new ginger and garlic in a food processor and utilize that in the formula.

The flavors adhere to the peanuts as a result of 2 fixings oil and water.

Recollect to not add a ton of water, you simply need the masala to get minimal wet and adhere to the peanuts. At the point when you place the peanuts on the preparing sheet, you will see that a few peanuts won’t have masala on them.

Essentially take the abundance masala and push it on top of those peanuts before preparing.

How long to heat for crunchy nut masala? I attempted this formula a few times and tried distinctive heating temperatures.

I found that 25 minutes at 375 F degrees turns out best for firm peanuts.

Nonetheless, do recollect that each stove is extraordinary. On the off chance that your broiler runs minimal hot, watch out for these following 20 minutes. You would prefer not to consume them.

Putting away the peanuts: I like to store them at room temperature in an impermeable compartment. They would handily keep going for quite a long time.

I completed the entirety of mine within 10 days so I can’t say the absolute period of usability yet it should be useful for quite a long time.

Baked Masala Peanuts Technique

Pre-heat stove to 375 F degrees and line a preparing sheet with aluminum foil and splash with an oil shower. Put in a safe spot.

1- To an enormous bowl add-besan, rice flour, ginger-garlic glue, Kashmiri red stew powder, turmeric (if utilizing), chaat masala, and salt. You can supplant 1/2 teaspoon of Kashmiri red bean stew powder with normal bean stew powder on the off chance that you favor hot peanuts.

2- Mix until everything is very much consolidated utilizing a whisk. Put this in a safe spot.

3- To another bowl, add 1 cup of crude peanuts and afterward add 2 tablespoons oil to peanuts and blend so the peanuts are covered with the oil.

4- Now move the readied besan-rice flour-flavor blend to the bowl of peanuts.

5- Using your hands, combine everything so peanuts get covered with the masala.

6- Start adding water, gradually until peanuts are simply dampened. Around 1 to 1.5 tablespoons water, don’t add more water.

7- You simply need the masala to adhere to the peanuts, that’s it in a nutshell.

8- Arrange the peanuts in a solitary layer on the readied heating sheet. On the off chance that you see peanuts that don’t have masala adhered to them, simply push a portion of the masala on top of those peanuts.

Prepare at 375 F degrees for 25 minutes. You may mix it once in the middle. Keep an eye following 20 minutes, each stove is extraordinary so keep an eye following 20 minutes so they don’t consume.

Let the masala peanuts cool totally and afterward store in an impermeable holder. Appreciate chai or espresso!

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